Caprese SaladTypical italian salad with tomato and mozzarella!
200 THB

Cold CutsMix of cold cuts (2 persons)
450 THB

Hamburger SpecialHamburger with cheese and french fries
350 THB

TIRAMISUItalian Home made tiramisu'
180 THB

Breakfast Set 1Egg Toast Breakfast
150 THB

Breakfast Set 2Coffee & Muffins
100 THB

Breakfast Set 3Coffee & Newspaper
100 THB

Breakfast Set 4Coffee & Croissants
90 THB

Breakfast Set 5Continental
180 THB

CoffeeCoffee Cup
60 THB

Coffee SelectionCoffee & Chocolate Selections
80-120 THB

Coffee Selection 2Coffe & Croissant (Large)
150 THB

CroissantsFreshly Baked Croissants
40-80 THB

LoungeComfortable seats inside

Quick ServeQuick seat & Eat

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